CATZAR is a premium marketplace
for Artworks on Paper in the fields of Illustration,
Urban Sketchers, Comic Art & Photography.



Overcoming selective criteria based solely on technical value and formal completeness, CATZAR selects artworks which are explicitly “narrative machines”, pearls of genius narrating stories, inspiring surprise and genuine emotions.

Such artworks aren’t the narcissistic fruit of an auto referential ego, but creations that, in the act of fruition, are instrumental to a precise narrative, creative or productive intent.


Paper is a product with a democratic availability (the humble sheet of paper). This ease of access, together with its versatility, makes paper the ideal support for a creative category with a very high incidence, both from the artist’s and the user’s point of view.

For CATZAR, Contemporary Art also deals with this fundamental aim: Accessibility to Beauty.
By choosing the paper as a preferred medium, we aim for an optimal balance between excellence and access.


CATZAR selects artworks from first-line artists chosen for their stylistic and narrative research and offers their customers the opportunity to purchase directly from them works of excellence, exclusive pieces coming from their most interesting series and stories.



CATZAR offers also the possibility of commissioning featured artists special artworks that will be produced and customized following the directions of individual collectors.

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Sometimes unexpected opportunities make available pieces or lots of great value, just waiting to enter the collection of true enthusiasts who have been waiting for them for a long time.

CATZAR, knowing preferences and personality of its clients, will create for these occasions special and unique sales events, so that every art lover has the opportunity to achieve the future grail of his collection.

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CATZAR also manages mandates for selling on behalf of third parties and proposes in its Depot section beautiful artworks proceeding from private collections.

This way, thanks to the selection and research work produced by our experts, otherwise unavailable pieces return to the market with complete satisfaction from sellers and buyers.

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