Andrea Ferraris . Graphic Novel
La Cicatrice

La Cicatrice, the new graphic novel by Andrea Ferraris and Renato Chiocca (Oblomov Publisher, 2017) is available! A powerful and necessary book, a superb work merging journalism and comic.

Thirty-two thousand kilometers is long the border between Mexico and the United States, more than a third of which is marked by the wall. The frontier. What once was the icon of the conquest of the West, today is a wound of contemporary society, a scar around which darkness and light, violence and humanity alternate.

In those territories, the authors have driven themselves first, to look at landscapes, to listen to the voices, and to collect the stories of those who live in the forefront of that reality.

The result is a comic book that is narration and testimony, stylistic invention and documentary rigor, a fusion of languages to restore the complexity of the frontier.


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