Ferran Mateo . Book
En la ciudad líquida

Ferran Mateo’s photos have just been published in the new book by Marta Rebón En la ciudad líquida (Caballo de Troya Publisher, Barcelona 2017). An intimate and long journey through literature, landscapes and languages.

A tribute to authors like Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Pasternak or Nabokov, among many others, and a tribute to the word and to its double edge, since in it they inhabit the silhouette and its reflection, like in a liquid city.

En la ciudad líquida is much more than a city, much more than a trip, much more than a book. It is to follow Dostoevsky on his first tour of Europe, to visit the room of Brodsky in St. Petersburg, the dacha where Pasternak composed his Doctor Zhivago or the family farms of Nabokov.
Through narrative essays and personal chronicles, the book traces a fascinating map of lives and literary works and their impact on our most intimate geographies.

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