Andrea Freccero

Lustiges Taschenbuch #500

Piece produced for the cover of Lustiges Taschenbuch num. 500 and used also for the cover of Lustiges Taschenbuch num. 500 Collectors Edition, representing Donald hanging from the first 500 issues of the collection.

Congratulations Donald! And now let’s go for the next 500!

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Media Type: Pencils and watercolor on Schoeller cardboard

Art Size: 24,5 x 33 cm

Pencils: Andrea Freccero

Watercolor: Andrea Freccero

Publisher: Egmont Ehapa

Published in: Germany

Year of publication: 2017

Signed bottom right


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Andrea Freccero

Born in Genoa in 1968, Freccero drew his first Disney cover when he was 6 years old, reproducing a Robin Hood by Don Bluth, one of his favorite artists. It was a game and Andrea could not imagine that many years after his covers would have been around the world. In 1989 there was the debut on the historic magazine Topolino and in 1992 he drew his first official cover. Collaboration with Topolino has been constant and Andrea was also active in big projects such as Pk, for which he produced several stories being awarded in 2003 as Best Artist of the Year.
Freccero is considered the father of one of the most successful series of the last 10 years: Doubleduck, for which he designed the leading characters and collaborated in the definition of the stylistic world-setting. More recently, he booted a series of Star Trek parodies titled Star Top. Since 2010 he has been in charge of the covers for the I Classici Disney series, since 2012 for the Paperinik Appgrade series, and during 10 years he has been the official artist for the covers of the Lustiges Taschenbuch series, published by Egmont Ehapa.
Freccero's covers are published worldwide, from South America to the Middle East, with over 300 re-prints per year.
Currently Andrea is considered one of the most important talents of his generation and to him was committed the cover of Topolino No. 3000 issue. Also Giunti and IDW publishers rely on Freccero for some very successful editorial series, including Le più belle storie Disney and I Capolavori della Letteratura Disney. In 2013 Andrea was awarded with the Pulcinella Bianco Prize and in 2016 he was awarded in Portugal as the best cover artist of the year. In the same year Disney Italia entrusted him with the creative part of Donald Quest series.