Vasco Mouräo

The New Yorker Sketchbook

Original drawing published on The New Yorker magazine of April 23th 2012.

For these series, Vasco was asked not to illustrate a specific article but rather to occupy the spread with something that drew the reader in. The drawing was the article.

On this first piece of the series, the Art Director suggested a focus on the newer building of the city mixed with some of the more iconic ones from the New York skyline.

So there's reference to Novel's 100 Eleventh Avenue, Liebeskind's Freedom Tower, Foster's Hearst Tower, Sejima's New Museum, Piano's New York Times and the High Line among others.

All defining an imaginary river bank crossed by the Brooklyn Bridge.



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Ink on paper

Art size: 21 x 29,7 cm

Publisher: The New Yorker Magazine

Published in: USA

Year of publication: 2012

Hand drawing on Canson 200g/m2  paper





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Vasco Mourão

An ex-architect turned into an illustrator with a tendency for obsessive drawings. Only with a black pen and time, he draws cities, buildings, structures and other architectural meanderings.
Inhabiting a place between fine art and illustration, he works in editorial commissions as well creating exclusive artworks and large scale murals for private clients and institutions.
Drawing mostly from memory and his knowledge as an architect, he deconstructs the elements of the city and re-arranges them on a variety of mediums, creating a hyper-depiction of the urban landscape and its textures.
Obsessed with the drawing of cities and architectural forms, his practice has been establishing itself through line drawing, usually with recourse to a black pen, by way of which he creates dense, intricate compositions blending both real and imaginary structures and spaces.
Besides creating commissions for clients such as Apple, Established & Sons or SEAT and working in the field of editorial illustration—having been featured in leading publications such as The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and Wired, among others—he has also been showcasing his work in exhibitions and painting large-scale murals in Portugal, Spain, USA and Japan.

Available for direct commissions