Ferran Mateo

Social Housing Towers in Southern Saint Petersburg #1407


A city has been created; rather looking like a set, it doesn’t belong to the black and illusionist box of a theater, but it lies on the chimerical amplitude of a land of vast steppes. On the stage, silence is darkness, total blackness; however in this city, in the beginning of summer, the nights are white.

There is something on the scale that baffles: every passerby is cut out like a tiny, solitary figure in front of colossal buildings that we imagine empty. Not born in the heat of the hustle and bustle of urban life, nor in the meeting of people, but in the theater of the mind of visionary (perhaps insomniac) rulers, the city preserves its unreality as its most intimate essence. So much so that those who do not know it, we also dream it. (Carlota Subirós)

Example of architecture embracing the political and social ideals of an era, Soviet modernism is one of the most genuine expressions of Eastern architecture since the Avant-garde in early XIX century.

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Printed on Hahnemühle paper, 100% cotton fibre and acid-free.

All photos are printed on art-quality stucco paper with light-stable pigmented inks guaranteed to last over 75 years.

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Ferran Mateo

Ferran Mateo is a photographer specialised in landscape, architecture and performing arts. Graduated in Physics and Humanities, he has completed postgraduate studies in Granada (Research and production in art) and Madrid (Diplomacy and International Relations). He has collaborated with national and international architectural offices and he published in several magazines.
He has also been in charge of the investigation and documentation process for theatrical pieces produced by the Catalonian National Theatre and by the Barcelona's Beckett Theatre, as well as by other theatrical, dance and music companies. Among the works belonging to this last section, the audiovisual works for the Youth Orchestra of the Americas and for the composer Philip Glass stand out.
Since 2009 she has been developing all his visual projects in collaboration with Marta Rebón (Barcelona, 1976), writer and translator of authors such as Boris Pasternak, Vasili Grossman and Andréi Tarkovski. Together they regularly publish in El País Semanal and have developed projects in Russia, Morocco, Spain, Cuba and Ecuador.