Vasco Mourão . Solo show
Ouroborus – Drawings on Brass

An ongoing series that focuses on the concept of infinite, of something that has no beginning or end. Sequences of imaginary buildings and constructions that grow into each other in a continuous loop.

Departing from his traditional medium of pen & paper, this line of work that lies between a sculpture and a two-dimensional drawing. Drawn by hand, they speak of repetition, distortion, and movement.

By working on a brass discs, the physical limits of the discs are an integral part of the work, providing the perfect balance between the paper-like thickness and the strength of a frame capable of holding itself.


This work was part of a solo show at Underdogs Art Store in Lisbon, Portugal.

From 7th of September to the 25th of October 2017

And featured at Observador newspaper, O Editorial and Journal du Design.

Catzar Fine Art

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